My Autograph Collection

David Bowie RIP

Died at the age of 67 years old.

A legend in the music industry.

Known for his constantly changing appearance

His distinctive and idiosyncratic singing style, wide ranging vocals and rich baritone

His one permanently dilated pupil that gives him the appearance of different colored eyes

Actor and singer, acting remembered for his role in
"Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence"

and for his many great hits.

George Michael Died on Christmas Day 2016.

Died peacefully at his home at the young age of 53 years old.

Regarded as a great singer but also a great songwriiter.

But in later years struggled with drugs, drinking and presciption drugs.

Bad publicity in the press all for the wrong reasons.

RIP Wham !

Leonard Cohen RIP Died age 82 years old.

An eccentric singer and songwriter.

His distinctive singing voice, which has become significantly deeper over time

Often writes about religious or political themes