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Not Starrring More !!

Here is a list of more actors and actress's and the great roles they turned down.

I really hope as a film fan like myself you will enjoy the pages of information.

Jodie Foster...

Turned Down Roles

Adventures In Babysitting - Batman Returns - Blue Velvet
The Conspiracy Theory - Damage - Double Jeopardy
The Handmaids Tale - Hannibal - Knocked Up - Manhatten
Scarface - The Siege - Sleepless In Seattle - Thelma and Louise - Unfaithful - Too Die For - Working Girl


Misery ...

A chilling performance from Kathy Bates.

Here is who could have starred in the film if they had not said NO !

Robert Redford -Al Pacino
Robert De Niro - Michael Douglas - Mel Gibson -
Harrison Ford - William Hurt - Jack Nicholson -Gene Hackman -Warren Beatty and Jessica Lange - Bette Midler -Debra Winger - Barbara Striesand - Angelica Huston


Jack Nicholson ...

Turned Down Roles.

Annie - Apocalype Now(M.Sheen role) - Bonfire Of The Vanities
Bruce Almighty - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Dick Tracy - Down And Out In Beverly Hills - The Godfather(A Pacino role) - Kindergarden Cop - Misery - One Hour Photo - Rainman(D. Hoffman role) - Wall Street(M.Douglas role) -Witness

The Shining

Jack Nicholson in one of his best remembered roles ... chilling

Jane Fonda in Barbarella ...